Sobyanin has decided to run for mayor from the party of Muscovites

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has submitted to the Moscow city election Commission the documents necessary to nominate him as a candidate for mayor. It is reported RIA Novosti on Friday, June 8.

The mayor in the meeting hall of the Moscow election Committee has presented to the members of the Commission in a passport application and several other required documents.

“I will be nominated by the party of Muscovites by collecting signatures. I believe that it is right, because the position of mayor to a greater extent economic than political, and should take into account the moods, the opinions of Muscovites of any political views,” he told reporters.

The mayor stressed that “the collection of tens of thousands of signatures is a good opportunity to hear the wishes and complaints of Muscovites”.

The mayoral elections will be held on 9 September. The desire to participate also said the former Deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Gudkov, the head of the municipality “Krasnoselskoe” Ilya Yashin, and journalist Anton Krasovsky, businessman Herman Sterligov. In mid-April the intention to run for said blogger Ilya Varlamov, but later refused.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!