‘The stolen child ‘ mom denied bail

The 46-year-old woman has been extradited to Queensland on Saturday, four years after the three of them have disappeared from his Townsville home in April 2014.

She faces two counts of child flight Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning after being extradited from Taree in northern New South Wales at the weekend.

The children have been recovered after an extensive joint investigation by the Australian Federal Police and their Queensland counterparts.

Their father had mounted an ongoing campaign in the media to try to locate them. This is four years that the children’s father saw the last time.

The Police said, in 2014, they do not have to fear for the safety of children in the care of their mother.

“There’s been a lot of grief, but now it is finished, we hope that everything settles down pretty quickly,” the twins ” sponsor told The Courier-Mail.

The children, from Townsville, were aged seven years, they have been abducted by their mother in April 2014.

After a long police operation, they were discovered hidden in Taree on Friday morning.

Of the family when the girls were toddlers.

The woman appeared calm and resigned, she was extradited by the police to the Brisbane detention centre on the weekend.

Asked if she had words for her daughters, she said: “I love them.”

Lawyer Antonious Abdelshahied said the girls father found them in good spirits considering what they had lived.

“The main priority … is to ensure that the children are brought back safely to Townsville in their usual surroundings at home and at school, and a semblance of normal life,” he said.

The woman’s parents spoke with the girls on the phone and said they were glad the girls were alive and well.

While it is to believe that their father is aware of the way in which the children and their mother have been located, on Friday, he travelled over 600 km to Taree for an emotional reunion with the girls.