The contest “Miss America”: good-bye, bikini!

The organizers announced that judges will no longer assess the contestants based on looks

The contest “Miss America” will no longer include yourself outs in bathing suits and evening dresses, and its members will no longer be assessed on the basis of their looks, announced the organizers.

“We refuse bathing suits and usher in a new era “farewell,” bikini”, – said in a tweet the contest organizers @MissAmericaOrg. The tweet is accompanied by a video in which a bikini turns into smoke, which then evaporates.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the contest Gretchen Carlson announced upcoming changes in the 2019 competition in the program “Good morning America” on channel ABC.

“We are no longer a beauty contest. Now we have competition,” said Carlson, who was herself a winner of the contest “Miss America” in 1989, and later became a presenter on the Fox News channel.

“We will no longer assess participants on the basis of their appearance, she added. It is a huge change.”

Carlson said that the competition, which is about a hundred years, will no longer include items such as the exit in bathing suits and evening dresses.

“We are interested in what they will say, talking about their social initiatives,” she said about the participants who come from all 50 States.