Karabakh potrollit Bars for the defeat to Roma

Azerbaijani Karabakh in his Instagram has published congratulation of Roma with access to the semi-finals of the Champions League. In parallel, the Azerbaijanis potrollit city of Barcelona, a crushing lost to the Romans with the score 0:3.

“To beat us harder to beat than Barcelona. Congratulations, dear friends,” wrote the Azerbaijanis.

Recall that the Karabakh met with Roma in the group stage of the Champions League, where Roma have produced two wins with a difference of only one goal – 2:1 and 1:0.

Does, polirani Qarabağ FK (@fkqarabagh) 10 KW 2018 R. 2:01 PDT

Earlier it was reported that Barcelona out of the Champions League, if Messi has not scored in the quarterfinals.

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