“I want Emma Watson to see the Dance, Hermione’

Kelsey Ellison

YouTubers like Kelsey Ellison spend time crafting the content of the video in the hope that it will be seen by millions of people.

But for Kelsey, it was a 15 second Twitter video filmed by a friend who brought her worldwide attention.

The 25-year-old has been sharing videos with his YouTube followers under his own name for seven years, but now she is better known as “the Dance Hermione’.

Dressed as Harry Potter character, Kelsey, was filmed dancing at Comic Con London.

The video was shared on Twitter by Kelsey friend, and fellow YouTuber, Connie Glynn on May 27.

The end of the Twitter post by @noodlerella

Connie’s video of Kelsey has been watched nearly 8 million times, and turned the YouTuber in a viral superstar.

“It was not planned at all,” said Kelsey Newsbeat.

“This is what usually happens with YouTube content and things like that. The things that you did not intend to succeed very well.”

Kelsey has been dancing since she was five years old (his first videos on YouTube were of the execution of J-pop songs), and taught herself the movements of Connie’s Twitter the video.

“The style that I was doing there, I just taught myself from YouTube videos,” she said.

“It was just a joke, but I guess some of the inspiration is Vogue’s Woman.”

Voguing has emerged out of Harlem drag-queens in the 1960s and was inspired by a mixture of hieroglyphics of ancient egypt and classical poses by the models in fashion magazines.

Earlier this week, Kelsey shared a second video of the Dance Hermione – which has been viewed more than 1.1 million times – due to the demand of viewers to see more of his movements.

The end of the Twitter post by @KelseyEllison

“A lot of people were saying: ‘Where is death?”, that is one of the great movements of the dance in Vogue Woman, so I just gave them what they wanted,” laughs Kelsey.

Kelsey’s love of dance is matched only by his love of Harry Potter – “I’m a very big fan, stupidly big” – and, says Hermione has been a huge source of inspiration for it.

“I love the fact that she always remains true to herself, she doesn’t care what other people think of his intelligence, of his opinions or anything,” Kelsey adds.

“It has been a huge role model for me when I was younger, I always wanted to be Hermione.”

Kelsey Ellison / YouTube

Kelsey said that his second Hermione video is his “final” appearance as a dance of the wizard, but she has one last ambition for his sudden viral fame.

She wants to Emma Watson (who played the character in the Harry Potter films) to see the clip.

“I don’t think she has seen up here,” said Kelsey. “But I hope that maybe one day she will.”

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