Democrats: the results in the primaries in California

The party seems to have managed to promote their candidates for the midterm elections

The Democrats in California, the most densely populated state in the United States apparently was able to show convincing results on last Tuesday’s primaries, securing the release of the November midterm elections in key districts.

This is a significant factor of their attempts to deprive the Republicans control the House of representatives.

California has a unique primary system, in which the two candidates with the highest score, regardless of party affiliation, advance to the next round, which will take place in five months. Since in several districts running several Democrats in the party feared that this may lead to division of votes and as a result, in November the ballot will be two Republicans.

However, although the vote counting is not over yet and may take a few days, it is already clear that the Democrats, apparently, managed to get to the two winners, at least on the second place in almost every district, including those where two years ago the Republicans won the.

Democrats hope that liberal California, where trump is unpopular, will provide them with a part of the 23 seats that the party needs to dial to get control of the House of representatives.

Republicans, in turn, safely conducted through the primaries, its candidate for Governor John Cox, who finished second of 27 people. However, his chances are much lower than the winner of the primaries, Democrat Gavin Newsom, who was formerly mayor of San Francisco.

Trump on the day of the vote, posted a tweet in support of Coke, which immediately became one of the Central aspects in the upcoming fight Newsom and Coke, one of whom will replace current Governor Jerry brown, has long occupied this post.

“We participate in an epic battle: it seems that voters in November will have a real choice between a Governor who is willing to give back to Donald Trump, and a pawn in its war with California,” said Newsom.

The Democrat has put forward a new slogan: “Resistance with the results.”

Cox retorted: “Not Donald trump has made California the state with the highest taxes in the country. It was Gavin Newsom and other Democrats.”

Meanwhile, 84-year-old democratic Senator Diane Feinstein has become a step closer to re-election, easily beating 51-year-old opponent, Democrat Kevin De Leon, who serves in the state Senate. Now they have to fight each other in November.

On Tuesday, primaries were held in seven States.

In southern Alabama Republican Martha Roby entered the second round along with Bobby bright, who moved from the Democratic party to the Republican. According to opponents, Robie not actively support trump: during the election campaign 2016 she acted with critical remarks to his address.

In Western Montana, the Republicans have elected the state auditor Matt Rosendale, who in November will have to fight with incumbent Democrat John Tester in an attempt to increase the slight advantage of the Republicans in the Senate (51 to 49).