Reconstruction Shulyavska junction again postponed

Start of reconstruction Shulyavska overpass in Kiev postponed indefinitely because of the petition with the alternative reconstruction, to be addressed by the city Council. This was reported in the municipal enterprise Directorate for construction of road constructions Kiev, reports UNN.

“No, reconstruction has not started yet. In connection with the petition of Victor Petruk on June 6 scheduled for consideration by the Commission of its options. But we do not stop the preparatory work continues, people are preparing for this work to overlap with the subsequent performance of the works. Start of work depends on how the various options will be considered“, – reported in KP.

Also in Department noted that the proposed option “does not tolerate any criticism.“

The petition was filed on 8 may. The author claims a closed architectural competition for the best project solution decoupling Shulyavska overpass. As noted by the author of the petition, KCSA has announced its intention to carry out reconstruction of the Benelux scheme is incomplete “quatrefoil“.

“Quatrefoil“ is a deprecated type interchange that has limited use in cities. Its realization is at the intersection of the Small ring road (Getman Dovzhenko), and the prospect that Victory will not lead to the improvement of the transport situation in the city. Alternative incomplete “Quatrefoil“ is a three-level interchange with reverse control ring is a modern innovative solution with high operating characteristics“, – said in the text of the petition.

Earlier, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has promised that the reconstruction of the Shulyavska overpass will begin in late 2017. But she still has not begun.

May 17, near the building of the KSCA held a protest action with the requirement to modify the interchange design on the Lot.