In Kiev dismantle the trolls across the Dnieper

The Kyiv authorities have decided to dismantle the trolls near the Arch of friendship of peoples. This was reported by Advisor to the mayor Dmitry Belotserkovets on his page in Facebook.

“The city has decided to close and dismantle the trolls, which is located near the Arch of friendship of peoples. At the moment it is placed there illegally,” he said.

It is noted that the decision was made for several reasons, in particular, the failure to comply with safety measures and complaints from clients that supposedly hung during the flight over the Dnieper. In comments Belotserkovets said that there have been four such complaints.

In addition, according to him, now there is a check upon possible fall of man with trolley

The second important reason was the construction of a cable car, which is in the active phase of the design process. She needs to connect the Arch of friendship of peoples, Truhanov island and Postal area.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev began dismantling of the banner on the House of trade unions. After the reconstruction inside the building will be given a place in the Museum dedicated to the Revolution of dignity.

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