‘Nut rage’ a family ‘ s Korean Air HQ invaded

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South Korean prosecutors have raided Korean Air offices on suspicion of tax evasion and breach of trust by members of the founding family.

The investigation is the latest involvement of the Cho family.

She came again under control in the last month, after the Chairman’s daughter Cho Hyun-min, allegedly threw water in the case of a participant in a business meeting.

She is the younger sister of Heather Cho, who was locked up in 2014 for a “nut rage” incident.

Heather Cho had a Korea demanded the plane to the gate at JFK airport in New York after losing her temper over the way her nuts were served in a cabin of the first class.

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South Korea’s Yonhap News agency said the Prosecutor’s office were on the search after allegations of tax evasion and suspected of embezzlement.

A Korean Air spokesman to the BBC that the Prosecutor’s office went to the company’s headquarters in Seoul, but did not give a reason why.

The raid follows reports that the police attempted an arrest warrant for the wife of Korean Air Chairman Cho Yang-ho. The Korean Air spokeswoman declined to comment.

The police had forbidden, Lee Myung-hee, left, of South Korea, as they investigated claims that she is verbally and physically abusive to staff.

Tax authorities have not accused to pay the Cho family, to some of the inheritance of foreign assets, while prosecutors investigate the suspicion of the family company can beat tax money, Yonhap News reported.

The “nut rage” incident that triggered a national debate about the Korean business system, the controlled entity is controlled by the family, known as chaebols.