‘Just don’t get yourself in this situation”

Speaking on 3AW this morning, AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan is addressed to the saga, which is now in the hands of the Victoria Police, and said Swan should not put themselves in the situation.

“Everybody, man or woman, should have their privacy respected and if it comes out, it needs to be with consent, I think it is very clear.

“But I think your question more specifically, just don’t get yourself in this situation. I know it’s hard and I know that people are doing what they are doing, but it is in the end all you can do I think,” Mr McLachlan said.

NOW | Gil McLachlan in the studio. Fair bit about the order of the day…On Dane Swan, Gil said such images clearly should not be disclosed against his will, but also: “just don’t get yourself in this situation.” pic.twitter.com/YGmInnoPF0— 3AW Melbourne (@3AW693) May 3, 2018

Swan has been the victim of another nude scandal in January 2016, when explicit photos and videos of him and one of his team-mates have been leaked to Woman’s Day.

When 3AW host Neil Mitchell has suggested yesterday to the saga means “can be [Swan] is not to know”, the chief executive of the AFL quickly responded, “Clearly.”

Collingwood great Tony Shaw couldn’t believe the chief executive of the radio comments.

“Totally unwarranted and unacceptable Gil,” the premier league captain has said. “This was not Swanny’s fault, at all.

“He (McLachlan) should be supported as it would be if you have booked the male and female roles.”

Radio host Neil Mitchell has also weighed into the debate.

“What happened to Dane Swan was bad and person — man or woman — should have to put up with this type of intrusion, but I am a little amused by some of his comrades, could they be misogynist mates, who are outraged on his behalf,” the 3AW Morning host said.

“I have not heard a lot of outrage when a young woman had her privacy brutalized by Richmond player who photographed her topless, and then circulated the photograph.”

The short video has been circulated around social media and sent out to the media. Photo: Dylan Robinson


It was reported yesterday that an unnamed AFL star had already been involved in a “sex tape” scandal after a woman named Sophia was shopping around a six-second video of him to organizations of media and circulating online.

In the late afternoon, Swan had been named as the star and has released a statement to Channel 9’s The Footy Show last night.

“I recently became aware of a video of me being published and distributed on the internet,” he said. “Contrary to some media reports, the video is not a “sex tape”.

“Although the video has been taken down a long time ago, it has been published and distributed recently. They were taken and distributed without my consent. The distribution is a serious violation of my privacy.

“As it is illegal to distribute such material online without consent, I reported the matter to the police who investigate the distribution.

“As the matter is under investigation, I have no other comment at this time, and I ask that my privacy be respected,” Swan added.

6PR radio presenter Basil Zempilas has been credited to be the first media personality to name Swan in his show yesterday morning, a decision that has earned him a significant amount of hot water.

Swan’s manager Liam Pickering has also issued a statement to The Footy Show last night and said that there is a double standard at play, with the AFL player do not have the benefit of privacy because of his star status.

“In other similar incidents, often with a female victim, the media have been careful to protect the identity of the victim,” he said in a statement.

“Well that Dane understands that he is a public figure, he is a victim in this case and no less deserving of this protection.”

Basketball Star Andrew Bogut also stuck to the Swan.

Stop slut humiliate Dane Swan!