In Bavaria, entered into force the resolution on the placement of crucifixes at the entrances to public buildings

Berlin. June 1. INTERFAX – the Decision on the placement of the image of the Christian cross at the entrance to most public buildings came into Friday in the German Federal state of Bavaria, according to German media.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria Marcus Zeder, who in April initiated the resolution, said that “the crucifixion is the fundamental symbol of our Bavarian identity and way of life.”

This decision, however, as noted by the media, generated controversy and criticism M. Sedere.

As pointed out by a number of German politicians, Christian social Union (CSU) party, the fraternal Christian Democrats led by Angela Merkel, at the regional parliamentary elections in October will compete right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH), acting against the influx of migrants from Islamic countries. Thus, according to political analysts, this decision should cause sympathy from supporters of ADH and drag them to the side of the CSU.

Media are reminded that in 2017 in Bavaria there were several terrorist attacks, some of which gave Muslim migrants.