Vega+ Games Console Faces Debt Collectors

Retro Computer

Indiegogo has said that he is willing to extend the deadline, there was a project to try a handheld version of a classic British computers.

But the crowdfunding site says that the team behind the ZX Spectrum Vega+ the fulfillment of its conditions.

To name in February, Indiegogo threatened, the debt collectors, if the campaign had not the fulfillment of its obligations until the end of may.

The project-the chief told the BBC that he was determined “to deliver”.

Dr. David Levy added that he believed that many of the donors, “to complete fully behind our project”.

The campaign, which originally promised to send you the console in the summer of 2016.

The company, which he chairs, Retro computers Ltd. (RCL) has released an update to the backers, you say now intends to be the first video game consoles-15 June.

He also told the BBC that “Indiegogo has the date is extended” until the middle of June.

However, the American company declared that the situation was more complicated.

“We have several steps to the protection of our community, including the demanding refunds for every backer that you requested, and from prohibition to the campaign owner start any other project on our platform,” explained a spokesman.

“We have also started the process of sending the campaign to the owners of collections, which you can begin, unless the campaign delivers on the promises.

“More precisely, yesterday, we sent a very clear set of rules, which have not yet been agreed by the campaign, the owner, even though you are posting a campaign update today in the morning.”

The conditions of the RCL are that it:
to provide the physical evidence of their willingness, by a final unit on Indiegogo to 5. June
you give a prompt refund to any supporters who has requested to no longer receive the console wishes
contact details for a person in the Sky that is apparently sent, the delay of the consoles. The transmitter has some of the intellectual property involved

Indiegogo is also known that the RCL had, hit it to deliver planned as of now, the pre-installed the handheld consoles without the 1,000 games, as originally promised.

“If these requirements are not voted in… we will continue to add to the process of the delivery of the project-collections, which has already begun, and we will notify you immediately, behind the men, as previously discussed,” the Indiegogo spokesperson. Cult brand

The Vega+ campaign raised a total of £512,790 of more than 4,700 people on Indiegogo, before the U.S. company, it is blocked from the acceptance of funds, in March 2017.

This was a highly unusual step for the fundraising service, which will decide in the rule, the projects, if you would like to stop the acceptance of money.

According to the RCL which is last deposited accounts, it had values £433,008 of assets at the end of March 2017.
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The company is forced to refund the cash, the brand would be one of the highest-profile crowdfunding failures should be so far.

The use of the legendary Sinclair-brand has led to the project was largely followed by both the gaming and mainstream press.

However, collection agencies lack the legal powers to make an immediate repayment.