Pompeo introduced the report on religious freedom in the world

During the presentation, journalists drew attention to the problem of persecution of religious groups in North Korea

On Tuesday, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo presented the international report on religious freedom in 2017. The report analyses the situation with the observance of religious freedoms in 200 countries and documented the main violations and abuses “by governments, terrorist groups and individuals”.

Pompeo noted that support for the principles of religious freedom worldwide is a “priority for the administration to trump” and that the global promotion of ideas of religious freedom and other fundamental human rights in the world, is in the national interest of the United States, as it helps the formation of inclusive and stable societies, contributes to the prevention of terrorism and armed violence.

Pompeo noted that on July 25-26 at the state Department will host the first ever international Ministerial meeting on the promotion of religious freedom in the world. It will bring together Ministers from other countries, representatives of international organizations, religious communities and civil society institutions.