Pokemon reinvents itself with new games


Nintendo brought Pokemon as close to a reboot as the series has come with the announcement of three new games.

Pokemon the Search, which is available right away, you can download for free in Nintendo Switch.

The tasks the players with friendship with new Pokemon through a patchwork world reminiscent of Minecraft.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee, will be launched in November to offer a more traditional RPG experience with a few twists.

These include couch co-op, mobile integration, and the possibility of playing on a big screen.

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This marks a change in the Pokemon formula, which coincides with his debut on the Nintendo Switch of the console, which can be played in manual mode or docked to a TV.

“With these games specifically, we’re trying to introduce a new style of game,” Game Freak director, Junichi Masuda said on stage at the reveal event in Tokyo, Japan.

“It’s really a much more simplified experience compared with the traditional series.”

The new games are based in the Kanto region, home of the original 151 Pokemon, the players of the 90s, will be familiar with.


Samantha Loveridge, Associate Editor of GamesRadar+, believes this is a strong attraction for lapsed fans of the series that could have been avoided the last few games due to too many characters.

“Don’t feel like having to learn a new language by picking up these games,” she says.

“I know people are tired of that there are 700 odd Pokemon in the last games, but they know that the Squirtles and Charmanders and Bulbasaurs.”

She points to Nintendo’s recent endeavors in mobile development as evidence of the continuation of a push to broaden its base of players.

“Pokemon Go became the transience of this nostalgic thing that brought people back to Pokemania,” Samantha says.

“They [Nintendo] saw a wave of new players who maybe hadn’t picked up a Pokemon game for 20 years and wanted to go back.”

We will include all the major crosses, with the Pokemon, that has received more than 750 million downloads to date. Players will be able to transfer captured Pokémon from the game to mobile in the Switch of the experience.

“I think that Nintendo saw the success of Pokemon to Go and I wanted to cash in,” Samantha says.

Nintendo has also confirmed that a new nucleus of the series” the title is in development, which will continue with the tradition of the depth of Role-playing games Pokemon started by the Red and Blue in 1996.

Some Pokemon fans have reacted positively to the news online, but those who are passingly familiar with the brand will have to be convinced to buy a Nintendo Switch to play.

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The decision to release these new Pokemon games have the goal of dismantling the barriers to entry for those who do not have a Switch of tempting them to purchase a Switch ahead of the core RPG release next year.

“Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu is the Pokemon you know,” Samantha says. “My Mom knows that Pikachu is – she can’t explain, but she knows that Pikachu is – and that is the type of experience we want to offer people a kind of wean them into the experience and maybe even get a few more people playing to Change too much.”

Nintendo is tight-lipped about how we’re Going to Go play now, with more information expected in the coming months.

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