In the air of Kiev found hazardous substance – KSCA

In several districts of Kyiv recorded a very high level of air pollution.

This reports the press service of Kyiv city state administration.

“During may 30-31, the level of pollution by nitrogen dioxide reached 4-6 average daily maximum permissible concentrations (MPC). This level of contamination recorded near Bessarabska squares, demiivska and Victory, Obolonskiy Prospekt and the streets of Dovzhenko, Popudrenko, Sklyarenko,“ – said in the message.

In addition, in the area of Bessarabia, demiivska and Victory, Obolonskiy Prospekt, the Boulevard Lesia Ukrainka and street. the level of contamination with formaldehyde had reached a daily average of 4-5 MPC.

May 30 in Kiev observed meteorological conditions conducive to the accumulation and the content of harmful impurity in a ground layer of air. According to weather forecasts, these conditions will continue until June 4.

As reported on 22 may on the five beaches of Kiev revealed E. coli.