In Kiev the fifth time postponed the auction for metro to the tenants

Kiev underground due to the lack of proposals for the fifth time postponed the auction for the construction of metro to the tenants. This is evidenced by the tender proposal, published in the ProZorro.

Originally the auction was to be held on 27 March, but later postponed — first, on 7 may, 29 may, 19 June and 4 July. According to current information, the auction will be held on August 15. The period of submission of bids up to July 10.

At the same time decreased the estimated purchase price — if the original stated value of 6,322 billion in increments of 0.5%, now the decision of the tender Committee declared the purchase price — 5,993 billion.

According to the project, it is planned to build the station from the station the Apartment station is a true Boulevard, with two stations (Mostecka, Prospect Truth) and a section of the male branch toward the station, the Husbandman (the first phase of construction).

In the underground I hope that the winner will build the required part of the metro for three years — until April 2021.


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