A tragic sign that something was wrong

Peter Miles, aged 61, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the Never Dreaming of the farm that he shared with his wife, Cynda, 58, their daughter Catherine, 35, and his four children.

It has been revealed that Mr Miles, who previously worked as chief operating officer at Margaret River Senior High School, has posted an ad on Gumtree Wednesday the search for “the vine and the work of the farm” in the area.

Richard Named, a neighbor of the family, said he has spoken with Mr. Miles, the day before the tragedy, telling the media that it “sounded strange”.

“He does not seem enthusiastic, if you know what I mean.”

Mr. Backrest has said that he does not understand why Mr. Miles was looking for “a new customer or client.”

The Gumtree post also said: “I have great handyman capabilities and experience with a wide variety of agricultural equipment, can repair fences, and clean up the property damage from the storm.

“I have lived in the region of Margaret River, all my life, and welcome all enquiries,”

Members of the extended family who are in a state of shock over the tragic event, say they are “still trying to understand how this could happen”

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, the family said: “We are devastated by this shocking event,” the statement read.

“We are stunned and still trying to understand how this could happen.

“We respectfully ask the community to refrain from speculating about the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

“We would like to thank the community for their support and ask that our privacy is respected as we grieve.”

Katrina Miles and his family at a recent wedding. Photo: Facebook

Earlier, Police confirmed the three guns found in the region of Margaret River property where an entire family was found dead belonged to the owner of the property, Peter Miles.

WA Police commissioner Chris Dawson has confirmed the identity of the deceased in what is described as Australia, the worst mass shooting in more than two decades.

The three guns have all been found in the property where Cynda, 58, and Peter Miles, 61, died early yesterday at their farm in Osmington, near Margaret River, Western Australia.

Cynda Miles. Photo: Facebook

The flowers left by residents at a police roadblock outside of the property. Photo: AAP

Their daughter, Catherine, 35, and his four children with autism — Taye, 13, Rylan, 11, Arye, 10, and Kadyn Cockman, 8 — were found dead in a shed on the site, which had been converted into housing units on the farm, which has been appointed to Always Dream.

Police discovered the body when he was called to the property just after 5am. on Friday, local time.

The commissioner Dawson said today a forensic investigation at the property continues.

“I confirm that all the seven deceased had sustained gunshot wounds,” he said.

The family have demanded an end to the speculation, so that they can grieve. Photo: CoreLogic

“It’s a complex criminal investigation. We will address this issue in what is clearly six people are the subject of a homicide.

“A seventh person has died. It is much too early to arrive at an assertion about that.”

Speaking to the media today, the Commissioner Dawson would not confirm reports Mr Miles — the husband, father and grandfather of those killed — had called the police around 5: 15 in the morning.

Within hours of the tragedy, the police have said they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the shooting. Commissioner Dawson said that the incident was one of the worst of the force would ever have to deal with.

“The loss of any life is tragic, but four children and three adults, it is a great tragedy,” he said. “This terrible incident will no doubt have a lasting impact on the families concerned, the community as a whole, and in particular the communities in the south-west. These tragedies take their toll on everyone.”

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, speaking at a press conference on the incident.

Western Australian police on the scene of the crime. Photo: Justin Benson-Cooper / The West Australian

The incident is believed to be Australia’s worst mass shooting in more than two decades. Photo: Justin Benson-Cooper / The West Australian

WA Prime minister Mark McGowan described the multiple homicide as “appalling, horrible and terrible.”

“It is a very sad day for Western Australia,” he said.

“My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims, and also with the first responders and investigators to reconstruct this tragic set of circumstances.”

Margaret River shire president Pamela Townshend said that the family was well known locally and well-loved. “This incident has shocked our community to the heart,” she said.

“As a small, close-knit community, a lot of people are likely to know or be connected in some way to the deceased.

“What happened today will have a significant impact at the level of our community. Coming together in this difficult time is extremely important,” she said.

Katrina Miles. Photo: Facebook

Cynda Miles. Photo: Facebook

Cynda, 58, and Peter Miles, 61, were well known in the Margaret River region for his extensive community involvement and for her long and fruitful farm of the maintenance business.

Katrina and her four children had been or were students at Margaret River Primary School. They had also been home schooled.

The four children were suspected to have had autism.

Their father, Aaron Cockman, was a carpenter and builder. It is understood that he and Katrina had been involved in an acrimonious split, which had led the children to move in with his parents in their property of 12ha.

It is not suggested Mr Cockman had any involvement in the shooting.

The Miles of the farm that they purchased in January 2015, boasted of two homes and was sold at the time as a “corner of paradise” in a popular vacation destination.Seven dead in WA ‘drama’1:05

Four children and three adults were found dead in a drama in Western Australia’s Margaret River.
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