The Italian lost his arms and legs because of incorrect diagnosis

MOSCOW, may 18 — RIA Novosti. A sports fan from Spain David Moran lost his arms and legs after a doctor gave him the wrong diagnosis. About the tragic case tells The Sun.

The Italian, who lived in the Spanish city of Murcia, went to the doctor after his temperature rose and he felt the pain in the jaw.

He passed the tests, after which, however, he was diagnosed with the flu and sent home.

As the 24-year-old David has worsened, the temperature rose above 39 ° C, he was vomiting and face were covered with brown spots.

“I felt very fatigued. My legs hurt and it was like it was frozen and when I took off my socks, I saw the same brown stains, and on the face, only a little more,” he says.

The Italian returned to the hospital where he was diagnosed with meningitis. Due to an infection less than two days the spots had covered most of his body. From David refused many organs, it had entered into an artificial coma.

Just a week amputated both arms and both legs.

Until the tragic case of the man liked to play sports and to cook, a lot of time spent with friends. His relatives say that now he tries to keep a positive attitude and ready to start a new life.

Now David via crowdfunding raises money for dentures. He needs about a hundred thousand euros.