Crucial clue in the gruesome murder revealed

Caroline Nilsson has been accused of the attacks murder of Myrna Nilsson, of 57 years, at his home in Adelaide in September 2016.

At the time of the incident, the 26-year-old told police that his mother-in-law, had been attacked by a group of men who had forced their way into the property after a road rage incident.

Caroline Nilsson is accused of murdering his mother-in-law. Photo: Facebook

About three hours after the report of the home invasion, she was found on the street by the neighbors with his face and hands bound with duct tape.

But the prosecutor Carmen Matteo told the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Thursday that it was the crown case that the history of Ms Nilsson had invented was demonstrably false, and the invasion of the house of the crime scene had been fabricated.

Ms Matteo said a forensics expert had examined the dead woman’s smartwatch, and had reduced the time from when she was attacked when she died seven minutes of the window.

She said that the data showed a burst of high activity, in accordance with the woman being the victim of an “ambush” type of attack followed by a period of lower activity when she possibly lost consciousness.

Myrna Nilsson was murdered in his home in Adelaide in September 2016. Photo: Facebook

Ms Matteo said the clock stopped the recording of the woman’s heart rate soon after.

“The office of the prosecutor accumulates in the timetables and the information about the levels of energy, movement, heart rate, to arrive at a conclusion that the deceased must have been attacked at around 6.38 pm and he had certainly died by 6.45 pm,” she said.

The prosecutor said that if the times were accepted, then it contradicts with the statements of the accused that his mother-in-law, had been involved in a discussion with their attackers for about 20 minutes.

The defense lawyers, Mark Twiggs, said his client would deny the offensive with his case to return to court on June 13.