5 conclusions that can be drawn after the Champions League final

Spanish real beat Liverpool in the Kiev final of the Champions League with the score 3:1. If you missed the game, watch video goals of the match real Madrid – Liverpool.

The match was very dramatic and emotional. Editor iSport.ua Vitaliy Volodko allocates the main thing that we learned at the end of the match real Madrid and Liverpool.

Goalkeeper Liverpool problem

The easiest conclusion after the match – Liverpool need a new goalkeeper. Carius during the season made mistakes, for which he was criticized, but the match in Kyiv “killed” all his chances to be the number one team.

It is not only the first conceded goal when he gifted the ball to Benzema. It can happen to anyone. Missed the last goal from Bale, the ball flew to the goalkeeper’s hands, is obliged to take the Keeper of the team’s Champions League finalist. In the amount of errors during the season and two in the main team matches of the year, Klopp needs to approve the idea that he needs a new goalkeeper.

The Liverpool hit injury of Salah

Half an hour Liverpool played against real Madrid, demonstrating a high pressure and being more active in the attack, but the injury of Salah turned the game.

The Liverpool players walked to their goal, and the slower Lallana were not given the necessary impetus, which came early in the game from Salah.

Manet played in the absence of Mohamed, but it was not enough for Liverpool.

Luck likes real

Real Madrid, not even showing his best game, managed to reach the final. The injury of Neymar in the first match with PSG, a penalty against Juventus with the removal of Buffon and now injury Sugar and bad game Carius.

Real to win this season in the Champions League accompanied by a “smiles of fortune” at the right time. Maybe real wasn’t the strongest team in this season’s Champions League, but he again won the trophy.

Zidane – the Midas of the modern world

Remember the Greek myth of king Midas who turned into gold everything what you touch? So Zinedine Zidane, it seems, the modern Midas.

Zinedine Zidane – the first coach who managed to win three Champions leagues in a row. Over 2.5 years in Real life, he won 8 finals out of 8. In his collection of awards already 9 trophies – 3 titles in the Champions League, one Spanish Cup, one Spanish super Cup, two UEFA super Cup and two wins at the club world Championships. And he is clearly not going to stop.

Kiev coped with the holding of the final

The main positive aspect for us is a great finals and a great organization in Kiev. Yes, there was trouble in connection with expensive tickets at hotels, but helped the people of Kiev, slushie fans yourself for free. Three aircraft with Liverpool fans were not allowed in Borispol and many of them came to Kiev, but personally met two of the residents of Liverpool, which cancelled the flight, but they were in the capital of Ukraine, and for this thanked the mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

Only once Kiev fans attacked the European fans, and on the final day of the police to deal with law enforcement. A little spoiled the impression of a fan who ran out onto the field, but he quickly caught and gave to reach the players.

But much more we have got the advantages from the final of the Liverpool fans, which was several tens of thousands, rested on full blast and allowed to capitalise as Kiev and local entrepreneurs (the fans of real life was much less).

The stadium was full and created an incredible atmosphere of the festival. Now all these fans go home with a positive impression about Kiev and Ukraine that will allow to raise the image of our country in Europe and around the world. Kiev and its residents clearly benefited from the UEFA Champions League final.

The Vitaly and Volodko, iSport.ua