1180bhp Schaeffler 4ePerformance using the Formula And tech to accelerate 488 Track

German engineering company Schaeffler group has produced a 1180bhp electric concept based on the Audi RS3, but using four Fomula And engines.

Described by Schaeffler as a showcase for how quickly high-performance electric drive technology can be integrated into a series production model, the 4ePerformance can speed up to 124mph in less than seven seconds — that I will make at least six-tenths faster than the upcoming Ferrari 488 the Track with a time of 7.6 sec.

The car’s four electric motors are identical in specification to that used in the 2016/17 ABT Schaeffler FE01 Formula E car, which was driven by Lucas di Grassi and won the title of the series, before the racing has been taken by Audi (hence the use of a RS3 for the concept). Each engine produces up to 295bhp and 236lb ft of torque.

The two motors of each axis are packed tightly within a single gear box to create a pair of electric double-axes, but with each motor connected to its own wheel by a straight cut gear, allows four-wheel torque vectoring. System power is provided by 64kWh battery.

Even if the concept won’t make production, its technology and the packaging are already integrated in different Schaeffler products. The special business of the motorsport director of projects, Simon Opel, said that the machine also acts as a “test lab on wheels, thanks to its connection options-scale for the unit of power”.

Schaeffler chief technology officer Peter Gutzmer said: “In the same way as Schaeffler has contributed with its technical expertise to the Formula, And since the beginning, also, plays a role of pioneer and a partner for components and complete system solutions when it comes to applying the electric mobility to the production volumes of vehicles and putting them on the road.”

The company, which remains the title sponsor of the Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler Formula And Team, as it is now called, has said that the electric technology is still developing, can be integrated in the existing volume models. These include 48V and high voltage, hybrid, as well as fully electric powertrains.

The 4ePerformance is the most powerful Formula-powered model to be revealed so far. The first car of Formula E, the power was the Renault Zoe e-Sport, Autocar has driven on the track last year.

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