Trump and “the Russian investigation,” the development of events

The President again criticized the team spectracolor Muller

At the weekend the US President Donald trump once again has dedicated a series of tweets continued, “the Russian investigation,” criticizing how the team spectracolor Mueller and his predecessor Barack Obama.

“Why President Obama did nothing about the so-called Russian intervention, when the FBI informed him of this before the election? Because he thought the crook Hillary will win, and he didn’t want to disrupt the plans. He was in power, not me, and did nothing. 13 why angry Democrats not to investigate the election campaign of the swindler Hillary Clinton, many crimes and large-scale collusion with Russia? Why the FBI seized the server from the Democratic party? It’s a fake investigation!” the President said trump.

Under thirteen evil Democrats President involves team members Mueller, who is a Republican, though, and is well respected among Democrats, unanimously approved his candidacy for the post of Director of the FBI in 2001.

In a statement the office of spectracolor emphasizes that the political or ideological preferences cannot serve as a criterion for the selection of team members spectacular.

Rudy Giuliani, a member of the legal team of the White house, said that it no longer considers the investigation of Mueller legal. About that Giuliani said in a broadcast of the traditional Sunday show on American TV. According to Giuliani, he lost faith in the legality of the investigation after it became aware of the FBI informant, to communicate with representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

Giuliani demanded to officially reveal the name of the FBI informant. Without this, says the ex-mayor of new York, the conversation Mueller, trump will not take place.

“I mean that we are not going to agree on conversation if she thinks as a trap for the indictment for perjury under oath. He wants to explain that he did not do anything wrong. We, as lawyers, you need to assure him that it’s not a trap,” said Giuliani.

Performing just 10 days obligations of U.S. attorney General Sally Yates, who was famous for his refusal to implement immigration decree trump has again criticized the President.

In audio interviews David Axelrod, former chief strategist of election campaign of Barack Obama, Yates said that concerned about the pressure on the Ministry of justice on the part of trump with the requirement to verify the presence of the FBI informant. According to her, there should be no doubt that the investigations of the Ministry of justice has never been and will not be politically motivated.

At the same time, the requirements of trump, says Yates, brings a new level of disregard for the rule of law on the part of the President.

“From the beginning of his term as President, trump does not comply with the common years, at least since Watergate, the rule is that between the Ministry of justice and the White house should be the real face […] And in the current situation, this goes on a dangerous border, because it is not merely an attempt to manage the investigation. We are talking about what concerns directly to his campaign. It is really unprecedented,” said Yates.

Donald trump left lunge Yates unattended, quoted today in “Twitter” the word of lawyer Jonathan Carli from his interview with Fox News.

Tarli, considers unethical comments in the media by Yates in relation to the ongoing investigation of spectracolor Muller and related issues.