The reverse side of football: as fans of crap in the center of Kiev

In Shevchenko Park, the Liverpool fans started burning flares

The Network has shown what the fans came to the match real Madrid – Liverpool, turned the center of Kiev, in particular – Park of Taras Shevchenko.

Sergii Naumovych posted in his Facebook a few photos and noted that at the time of publication (may 26) utilities cleaning did not start.

Some users to justify the fans write that to blame the authorities and the organizers of fan zones, which did not provide sufficient number of ballot boxes and time is not remove the filled bins. On the other hand, nobody forced “rest” to throw the bottle right into the fountain.

According to the Informant, the day of the big football is not without its hassles, in which participated the local Dynamo fans. Another fight occurred on Bessarabka. The cries of the women called the police, but it quickly ended.

And so the night looked Kontraktova square:

In the end, the next morning, the capital of Ukraine “drowned“ in the trash. Almost every corner of the lying box, papers and wrappers on the benches and parapets are “battery“ bottles. The most persistent fans continue to walk the streets. Near Bessarabian market, play soccer, drink the remaining alcohol and sleepily watching the utilities that are trying to return the city’s original appearance. Also in the city center with roads removed the blocks and fences installed on the eve before the Champions League final.

If you slept through football, recall – may 26, real Madrid won and again became the champion.