The house of representatives has approved military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $250 million

These provisions are contained in the defense budget for fiscal year 2019, the amount of which is $717 billion

The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly adopted the annual bill funding the defense programs and military operations, providing military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 250 million.

The relevant article included in the draft law on the financing and policies of the U.S. Department of defense next year.

According to a brief description of the bill, he proposes “to satisfy the request of the President on Ukraine, including 250 million in lethal defensive tools”.

Specific weapons delivery to Ukraine the document is not specified, however earlier the US has already supplied Kiev with Javelin anti-tank missiles, sniper rifles and other weapons.

Although the bill was passed by 351 votes to 66, this is not a final solution: he needs to say the Senate is considering its own version of the bill, which the Senate armed services Committee completed this week.

Before the document will be signed by the President, two versions should be merged into one.

The speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan welcomed the bill, calling it another step in “a new era for our military,” which, he said, began last year with the “largest increase in defense spending in 15 years,” exceeded the expectations of President Donald trump.

The Chairman of the Committee on armed services of the house of representatives Mac Thornberry in his statement, noted that it was time “to give to the allies, and opponents to understand that we are serious about protecting this country.”

However, the total amount of 717 billion dollars – caused the shock of the Democrats and some of the most conservative Republicans, who consider it unwise to increase defense spending with the growth of the national debt.

“To call it a mathematical problem – to say nothing, – said a leading Democrat in the house armed services Committee Adam Smith. – I believe that we make too much emphasis on nuclear weapons in terms of costs”.

Smith still voted for the bill, was one of several Democrats who opposed the resolution on tactical nuclear weapons low power, which trump the administration considers a key part of deterring nuclear threats from other countries, especially Russia. Smith said: “I think a mistake people think that there is such a thing as tactical nuclear weapons, is so small that it doesn’t raise the level of the other nuclear weapons”.

The Democrats failed to gain enough votes to cross that off of the bill.

Disputes between the parties have caused another item associated with nuclear weapons: in accordance with this provision, if during the year since the adoption of the bill the administration will make sure that Russia fully abides by the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range U.S. will no longer consider themselves bound by this agreement.

The white house has issued against a number of items in the bill but did not threaten to block it.

In particular, the administration is unhappy that the legislators did not give her the opportunity to lift some sanctions related to Russia, to enable US “to build and maintain key relationships with allies and partners… while they go on non-Russian system,” says a report issued this week a statement.