In Kiev, staged a pogrom in the market, where he beat pensioner

Sunday, may 27, members of right-wing organizations C14 came on the market near metro station Lesnaya in Kiev and ransacked stalls, near which occurred the day before the conflict with Caucasians and pensioner broke his nose.

As the correspondent of Hromadske, “fighters“ C14 smashed stalls, broke the blinds. To the place of incident called the police. The arrived law enforcement officers used gas, after which the men began to throw in them stones.

Reporters noted that 100% is impossible to say that those kiosks, which have come under the defeat, really belong to the participants of beating of the pensioner. The reporter also noticed, as the woman collected money near destroyed the MAF. To the question, why is she doing this, she said, “it’s not looting.“

The vendor of a nearby kiosk complained that she broke the blinds, she cried and said that I was scared. He says that “with the neighbors never had any problems“.

Participants C14 has razgromili kiosks at rinku bilya “Lava”, de beat the pensioner. Here talasa sticka s pravoohraniteli— Hromadske.UA (@HromadskeUA) 27 may 2018


C14 on one of his page on Facebook claims that are not satisfied with the pogrom in the market near the Forest.

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“C14 together with veterans ‘ organizations in the three districts gathered to collect one hour later organizations, who gathered at 10 am. Our activists arrived later, when the events were in full swing, at about 11:15,“ – said in a statement.

The organization said that he was going to “talk and shame the security market, in front of which was unpunished beating of an elderly man“. Had also planned to speak with the property market.

“But that’s all (the massacre – ed.) happened spontaneously from hundreds of citizens gathered in the morning in the market“, – says C14.

Recall, may 26, in this market there was a conflict with persons of Caucasian nationality, in the end one of the aliens punched in the nose of the pensioner and fled. Subsequently, this man is 24-year – old citizen of Georgia was detained.