Lawyer trump about the planned conversation of the President with spectaculorum Muller

Rudy Giuliani is concerned about the possible issues of spectacular on obstruction of justice

The President of the United States Donald trump is determined to answer questions as part of an investigation concerning the possible relations of his campaign to Russia, but one of his lawyers doubt that Trump should answer questions from prosecutors for allegedly obstructing justice on his part.

Lawyer trump, the former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani, told CNN on Sunday that the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller wants to question the President on two major themes: the possible conspiracy with Russia before the elections and his alleged attempts to block an investigation by the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, who led him to Muller.

“With regard to collusion, we are pretty quiet, because no collusion was not, – said Giuliani. – As for obstructing justice, I don’t feel as calm. But that’s me. The President has nothing against it. He is innocent. And I don’t feel comfortable because it is a question of interpretation, here all not so clearly, it’s not a question of truth or falsehood”.

“If you interpret his words over the dismissal of Komi… as obstructing the investigation, not as a removal of the man who bad done the work… then you can say that this is obstruction,” added Giuliani.

Giuliani said the President’s lawyers are concerned that answering the questions prosecutors about the reasons for the dismissal of Komi, trump can fall into the trap that will lead to allegations of giving false testimony under oath.

Initially, the White house reported that Comey was fired for his role in the investigation against the opponent’s trump in the election, Democrat Hillary Clinton, in connection with the use of her personal email server as Secretary of state in 2009-2013.

However, a few days trump told NBC that he in any case wanted to get rid of Komi and thought “about this story with Russia” when it decided to discharge the Director of the FBI, because he believed that it was a contrived investigation, which the Democrats used to explain the defeat of Clinton.

However, as said Giuliani, despite the concerns of advocates about the prospects of trump meeting with prosecutors and answer their questions, the President “strongly wants”.

But the final decision on whether the trump to meet with the team of Muller, depends on the “confidence unblinkered” prosecutors and that they decided in advance that trump was involved in some illegal actions, said Giuliani.

Answering the question how he can be “so sure” that there is no collusion between the headquarters of the trump and the Russian interests was not Giuliani, who has previously worked as a Prosecutor, said, “Fifty years of experience of the investigator’s work tells me that they have nothing”.

According to Giuliani, when he was working in the campaign headquarters, “no one knew about Russia and did not speak about Russia.”

The other day Giuliani said that no criminal charges in the end against trump will not be pushed – in accordance with long-standing explanations of the Ministry of justice that the incumbent President can’t be brought no charges. However, said Giuliani, depending on the conclusions of Muller about the actions of trump, the Congress may face the question of impeachment of the Trump, after which the Senate will have to consider the case on its dismissal.

Trump’s lawyer said that any talk of trump with prosecutors Mueller will not be held before 12 June, when the meeting could take place the President of the United States with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in Singapore.

Meanwhile, the President trump has again criticized the investigation, calling it a “witch hunt (called) of the Russian investigation” and “fraudulent investigation.” “Why 13 of angry Democrats did not investigate the campaign of a liar Hillary, many crimes, the big deal with Russia? Why the FBI did not pick up the server at the NAC? The unfair investigation!” – he wrote in Twitter on Sunday.