Trump excluded from the blocking of Twitter users

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U.S. President Donald Trump may not “block” Twitter-user show decided to his online profiles because of their political beliefs, a judge in New York has.

District judge Naomi Reice Buchwald in Manhattan, said that blocking access to his @realDonaldTrump account would be a violation of the right to freedom of expression.

The suit against Mr. Trump and other White house officials, stems from his decision, a bar, several online critics.

The White house has yet to comment on the decision of the judge.

The case was brought by The knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in the order of seven Twitter users that were locked by Mr Trump for criticism of him, or mocked online.

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On Wednesday, the judge agreed with your argument is that the social media platform qualifies as a “designated public forum” granted to all U.S. citizens.

“This case requires us to consider whether an official may, in accordance with the First Amendment, ‘block’, a person from his Twitter account in reaction to the political views of this person has expressed, and whether the analysis is different for civil servants, the President of the United States,” said the judges in their opinion.

“The answer to both questions is ‘no’.”

The judge rejected the argument from Mr Trump’s lawyers that “the First Amendment applies in this case, that the President of the personal First Amendment interests take precedence over those of the plaintiff”.

Mr Trump has over 52 million followers on Twitter, his favorite social media platform, which he began in March 2009.

He’s often the official US President’s Twitter account, @POTUS, as well as his own White-House-press office avoids to official notices.

One of the people, Mr Trump blocked, Holly O’reilly, who was with the account @AynRandPaulRyan, blocked last may after the publication of a GIF of Mr. Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis.

The photo that some said showed the Pope staring Mr Trump, was titled: “This is pretty much how the whole world sees you.”

Earlier in the trial, judge Buchwald of the President, who was not in court suggested, could simply mute the accounts that you do not want to see.

The people on Twitter are not able to see or respond to the tweets of accounts you block.

But if Mr Trump to mute an account, he would not see that user’s tweets, but the user can still recognise and respond to.