The Synod asks the Ukrainian authorities not to use the Church for political purposes

Moscow. May 25. INTERFAX – the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church urged the authorities not to use Christianity to promote a political agenda.

“We always contributed and will contribute to the state in questions of moral and Patriotic education, but oppose the use of the Church in the geopolitical struggle,” reads the release of the Synod, whose meeting was held on Friday in Kiev.

The authors of the document remind that in recent weeks in Ukraine are actively discussing the possibility of a unilateral granting by the Patriarchate of Constantinople of the Tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church.

Meanwhile, as noted by the members of the Synod, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is still not received from the Patriarchate of Constantinople no official reports on this issue. In addition, the statement says, today it is known that the primates of the Council of bishops of the local Orthodox churches Express a cautious and negative attitude to this initiative.

“This position of the local Orthodox churches of the world coincides with the position of our Church. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the beginning of the emergence of the split has consistently advocated for the restoration of Church unity. However, in our deep conviction that the path to the restoration of Church unity and to the possible Autocephalous status should not pass through the legalization of the division and replacement of the Church of Christ”, – the statement says.

The Synod reminds of the history of the Church, which teaches that these attempts at unification, which were carried out “from above”, often not perceived by the Church people because they had political reasons and did not take into account the features of the internal structure of Church life.

“After such “unions” on the initiative and with active participation of public authorities, churches became empty, because the Church people felt the artificiality of these “associations”. Intervention in this process of strangers to the Church may further divide our people, and is desired for all of us unity, we can obtain even greater separation,” notes the Synod.

The way out of the schism, which remains the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the hierarchs of the UOC see in the restoration of Church unity in Ukraine, and not in the consolidation of division in the Church by establishing parallel ecclesial jurisdictions.

In conclusion, the Synod calls on the clergy and all the faithful of the canonical Church to the preservation and conservation of Church unity. “We are members of the Church of Christ should always remain in her bosom,” – said in a statement.