Kendrick Lamar stops white fan using N-word

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A white woman has been jeered at a Kendrick Lamar concert to sing the N-word on stage.

The rapper invited the woman, who was identified only as “Delaney”, to sing, M. A. A. D City during his set at the Hangout Festival in Alabama.

But Kendrick was arrested after she repeatedly used the N-word – which is heard several times in your song.

As the crowd reacted angrily, Kendrick said: “You have to bleep a single word.”

She seemed to not realize why he had been stopped, and asked: “Am I not good enough for you, brother?”

Video taken from the crowd contains language that some people may find offensive.

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The crowd in Gulf Shores, Alabama began to booing in the audience of the woman singing the insult racial.

She apologized, saying, “Oh sorry, can I do that?”.

Kendrick then asked the audience if she should be given another chance – and despite the many cries of “No!” Kendrick a second career in the song.

**Warning: Twitter thread linked to below contains language that may be offensive**

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Twitter user @alsostephenking said that Kendrick had been looking for, for the fans who could rap along to his song M. A. A. D City – and that several people had been on the stage before Delaney.

Rohan was one of them. He rapped the entire song to the cheers of the crowd and ignored the N-word at all.

**The following video contains language you may find offensive**

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@alsostephenking twitter that it was a relief when Delaney has skipped the first N-word in the song, but then she “belt” later in the track.

Kendrick Lamar was headlining the final day of the Hangout Festival.

In April, he became the first non-jazz or classical musician to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music for her 2017 album DAMN.

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