Freeman excuse to sue for harassment


US film star Morgan Freeman has made the following allegations of sexual misconduct by eight women and several other people.

A production assistant accused Freeman of being harassed for months during the filming of the Bank robbery Comedy Going in Style, CNN reported.

You said the 80-year-old touched her again and again, she tried to lift her skirt and asked if she was wearing underwear.

Freeman, she apologized, “who feels uncomfortable or disrespectful”.

“Anyone who knows me or worked with me, know I’m not someone who offend intentionally, or to deliberately make someone feel uncomfortable,” he said in a statement.

The women feel uncomfortable, “it was never my intention,” he said.

He is the last of the well-known Hollywood figure, accused of sexual misconduct after allegations of sex attacks by producer Harvey Weinstein led to the development of the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment.
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Harvey Weinstein his accusers
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The production assistant was to tell the eight women, CNN, would you have been the victim of harassment.

They told CNN that in the case of the harassment of another actor, Alan Arkin, and “leave a comment and tell him to stop. Morgan got scared and didn’t know what to say”.

In the meantime, a woman who worked on the 2013 film Now you Me the staff said did not See to wear knew, “top, would show our Breasts, not something that would show wear, our soils” or tight-fitting clothing, when Freeman was in the vicinity.

Morgan is also said that staring at women’s Breasts and asked her to twirl for women, for him.

CNN also said it had spoken to dozens of other people who worked with or for Mr. Freeman, some of which praised Freeman and insisted that his behavior was always professional.