The Russian foreign Ministry called the Ukrainian Minister Klimkin fool

The Russian foreign Ministry published through the social network Twitter response to the call of Paul klimkina to give the Ukrainians the reason for the upcoming world Cup.

“We will be very glad to see in the world Cup all the fans, including our neighbors-Ukrainians. Come to Russia on the occasion of the world football! And don’t listen to different fools,” says the message in the Ukrainian language.

Mi we will duzhe rag baciti @FIFAWorldCup vsih wibault, ukljucujuci our ??susd-ukraïntsiv. Priejaite to Russie Holy swetoha football! That is not sluhay RSNA durng ?— Russian foreign Ministry ?? (@MID_RF) May 15, 2018

Earlier it was reported that Russian fans fighting over tickets for the 2018 world Cup.

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