The Lithuanian Parliament will consider a proposal to recognize neo-pagans

Vilnius. May 24. INTERFAX/BNS – on Thursday, the Lithuanian Seimas has commenced the consideration of the project, which the state recognizes a religious community of the ancient Baltic Romuva.

The bill was referred to the committees of the Seimas.

The state can recognize nontraditional religious communities as a part of the historical, spiritual and social heritage if it supports the society and its teachings and rites are not contrary to laws and morality.

State recognition is granted by the Parliament after receiving a positive conclusion of the Ministry of justice.

The Ministry of justice considers that Romuva as a religious community dedicated to the preservation of ethnic culture is an important part of Lithuanian cultural and religious life.

According to authorities, the recent Romuva was one of the fastest growing religious communities. So, the census 2001 population professing the religion of the Balts called himself a 1,2 thousand inhabitants, and in 2011 there were 5.1 thousand

After receiving state recognition of a Union will be able to marry, will have the right to teach religion in schools at the request of students or their parents.