In his book, the former Pope criticizes the new trends in Catholicism – Metropolitan Hilarion

Moscow. May 24. INTERFAX – the head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about the critical attitude of former Pope Benedict XVI to a number of new trends in the Catholic Church, which the previous Pontiff expressed in his book “Theology of the Liturgy”.

“Joseph Ratzinger is opposed to the surface of “creativity”, the emasculation of the actual content and purpose of the Liturgy as a living connection with God and His creation: such tendencies were sometimes expressed in modern Western Christianity,” he said at the presentation of the Russian edition of the book in Moscow.

According to the remark of the hierarchy, some of the questions raised in the book (ritual liturgical innovations and experiments like worship without a priest), belong to the sphere of purely Catholic problem.

“However, it is important that thereby the domestic reader, who had heard about modernist manifestations in modern Catholicism, and will get acquainted with a critical eye to one of the largest Catholic theologians in the post-Council (Vatican II 1962-1965 gg – if) development, on the painful breaks with tradition and challenges of the upgrade paths,” – said the Bishop.

Metropolitan Hilarion admitted that he as a Church composer was especially interesting to read the final part of the book devoted to the theology of Church music, where the author gives a deep theological analysis of the musical component of the Liturgy and accurately evaluate the current successful and unsuccessful searches in this area.

The book is published in Russian charity Foundation of St. Gregory the theologian in 2017, the release is timed to the 90th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI.