Employees of the US Administration have warned Congress about the new threat of intervention in election

The government has allocated us $380 million on security for the election

Senior officials from the President trump on Tuesday warned Congress about the ongoing attempts of Russia to affect the upcoming midterm elections of 2018, while the Federal government is prepared to allocate to States $ 380 million on security for the election.

At the briefing, which was attended by 40 or 50 members of the house of representatives, the head of the FBI, the Department of homeland security and the Director of National intelligence have proposed to legislators to encourage States and cities to prepare for possible threats in the run-up to elections.

As stated to journalists the Minister of internal security, Kirsten Nielsen, she is also convinced that Russia is trying to interfere in elections.

“We see that they continue to conduct foreign campaigns of influence,” said Nielsen, adding that evidence that Russia is targeting the intervention to specific electoral processes, no.

According to Nielsen, the Department of homeland security is watching other countries who might try to influence American elections, including China and Iran. “We have to be ready,” she said.

Expert on cyber security from the Department of homeland security Chris Krebs said in an interview with Reuters that according to his calculations, the $ 380 million that Congress allocated in March States to the security of the elections, will be distributed later this week.

The Department of homeland security assists in ensuring the security of elections 48 States. During the briefing, the congressmen were given a table that States should have systems that enable checks to spend time planning and training, as well as to think about investing in a revision of the system architecture.

A member of the house of representatives, Michael mccaul, who heads the Committee on homeland security of the house of representatives after the briefing, said that the congressmen are concerned: “Not only Russia, but maybe other foreign adversaries begin to think about how they can intervene in the midterm elections, and we must be ready. Last time took us by surprise”.

American intelligence has concluded that Russian authorities at a very high level participated in the efforts to intervene in the presidential election of 2016, aiming to increase the chances of Donald trump.

Russia is meddling in the American elections denies.

Several Democrats after a briefing expressed concern about the fact that the Federal government is making insufficient efforts to ensure the security of elections. “I think many are worried that we are not prepared at the appropriate level,” – said a member of the house of representatives, Jan Sakowski.