C4 offers 1 million pounds to ‘positive’ sex ads

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Channel 4 is offering £ 1 million in space for a company that was founded with the idea of changing the way in which women are portrayed in TV advertising.

Is running a contest to “challenge deep-rooted stereotypes, objectification and the sexualisation of women”.

The competition comes as the Advertising Standards Authority plans new rules to ban harmful gender stereotypes.

Channel 4 said that it was looking for “an ad that also stands out from the positive ads that we have seen before.”It is a catalyst for change’

The issuer is the head of the agency and the client, a sales and marketing business, Matt Salmon, said: “There are campaigns already on our screens that represent women in a positive and in an appropriate manner – but, unfortunately, there just aren’t enough of them.

“We want a country that is a beacon to the problem, an idea that calls to the challenges and really makes a positive statement to our audience.

“The winning ad should not be representative of what the future “standard” should be, should act as a catalyst for the change of mindset that we’d like to see within the sector.”
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Last year, research has shown that 77% of women thought that the way in which they were generally depicted in advertising, has been stereotyped.

Separate US research has suggested, in the advertisements in the English-speaking world, women are more likely than men to be:
in skimpy clothes
in the kitchen

The men, meanwhile, were more likely to be:
a sporting event

Channel 4 Diversity in the Advertising of the Prize is run on a different theme each year, in an attempt to improve representation in advertising.

This year, the choice of the theme of gender comes two months after Channel 4 revealed that it had a 24.2% median gender pay gap.

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