About US sexual assault policy change


Uber is to overhaul the way it deals with US, to deserve the sexual harassment and assault claims as part of efforts to “regain the respect of the customer”.

The company said it will no longer need to include provisions on the confidentiality of the settlements, or the power of individuals to solve these disputes through arbitration.

Uber has also required the publication of a report on the safety incidents.

The changes follow complaints about how Uber worked, sexual assault claims and shielded drivers.

The company has the criticism from regulators over its safety guidelines, as well as lawsuits from women who say that the company is not doing enough to protect against sexual assault. A class-action lawsuit, filed in November, is in court.

These questions came on top of a host of scandals, including the sexual harassment claims of employees and is struggling with the Supervisory authorities, where the company faced last year, and Uber, the former CEO, Travis Kalanick, have contributed to forced.

Mr Kalanick’s departure, new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been damaged, the work to restore the company’s reputation.’Important Step’

Critics of arbitration, which is often used to say, in the corporate world, is that it shields companies from bad publicity and puts your opponent at a disadvantage.

The new policy of groups like the National Network to End Domestic Violence, means that the individual victims of alleged sexual assault in the United States will be able to choose where the realization of these claims, even in the courtroom.

The lifting of the confidentiality provisions apply to the facts of the incident, but not financially, Uber said.

Mr Khosrowshahi called the changes “an important step in our commitment to safety and transparency”.

Uber has also intensified its program to screen drivers and the introduction of a new feature in the app for emergency calls, Tony West, the company’s chief legal officer, wrote on Tuesday on the company blog.

And in February, Uber said, it is a crime directly to the police in the UK. The change came after a Metropolitan Police officer, expressed concerns that there are delays in reporting.

“Our commitment to you is that, if we say that we stand for security, we mean it,” said Mr. West wrote.

The shifts are for the United States, but Uber said it is reviewing its policy is elsewhere. About: The scandals, drove Travis Kalanick

Lawyer Wigdor, Jeanne M. Christensen, who represents the women in the class-action lawsuit against Uber, said at the end of forced arbitration court for individual cases, is a “critical step” and congratulated the company for its decision.

However, she noticed that Uber was still trying to compel arbitration in certain of the claims in the pending class action lawsuit.

“To prevent the victim from a process, shows the on a class basis, that Uber is not fully behind meaningful changes,” she said.

“The victims are more likely to come to know us, you can go as a group. This is the beginning of a longer process in order to improve meaningfully the safety and security.”