Klitschko: the Debts of Kyivenergo should not be a threat to the life of the city

Debts of PJSC Kyivenergo to Naftogaz should not be a threat to the viability of the capital. This mayor Vitali Klitschko said during a meeting of the city Council.

So, according to the mayor, to complete the work of the newly established municipal enterprise Kievteploenergo, which takes responsibility for the heat supply of the city after the termination of the agreement with Kyivenergo, it is necessary to conclude contracts with Naftogaz for the supply of natural gas. Kievteploenergo appealed to Naftogaz, but was refused. “The refusal was motivated by the presence of debts of the previous user – PJSC Kyivenergo. The amount of debt – almost 5 billion UAH debts that accumulated over the years. And their fate should be decided at the national level, given the scale of the issue,“ – said Klitschko.

He noted that Kievteploenergo may not assume the debt obligations. “The first priority for enterprises is to prepare for the winter, purchase of necessary equipment and creating a resource base for the provision of service to the people of Kiev“, – said the mayor and noted that the issue of debentures of a private company Kyivenergo to Naftogaz needs to be addressed separately from the issue of gas supply of the city and stable operation of the heat supply enterprises. “The problem of the debt obligations of one company over another should not affect the continuity of service provision to residents. This option out of the situation we offer Naftogaz“ – said Klitschko.

“I urge everyone to take seriously this problem! The decision “About questions of debt to Naftogaz Ukraine “will demonstrate a consolidated position of the Council. The debts of Kyivenergo should not become a threat to the viability of the city“, – said the mayor.

Klitschko said that the city consistently meets the city Council decision on the termination of the agreement with Kyivenergo, and returns control of the society property, for 17 years was in management of commercial structures.

Now completed the first phase of the return of property. In particular, returned to the city and commissioned Kievteploenergo 65000 items. The staff of the municipal enterprise transferred about 5,000 workers. Also the company has already eliminated nearly a thousand damage to heating systems in preparation for the winter and has obtained all necessary licences and tariffs for the work of the Kyiv city state administration and filed the necessary documents for obtaining licenses in NKREKP.