In Kiev detained the cops, the drunk turned out to be a wanted murderer

In Kiev, near arena city patrol arrested a drunken man. It later turned out that the detainee wanted in Poltava in the case of premeditated murder. On Wednesday, may 23, according to

Security retail and office center, arena city, appealed to the police, noting that on a bench outside of the Arena lay down to sleep two men. When police arrived, one of the men began to behave inappropriately. The patrol said about him that he is wanted in Poltava.

First patrol said that a man born in 1983, looking for relatives. But later it became known that he was detained under article 115 of UK (Premeditated murder).

The drunk resisted the police, despite polite persuasion, so the police had to use force to knock him down to the floor and handcuffed. The detainee was taken to the police station Pechersk Department. It will be visited by an investigator from Poltava.

Detention under article 115 of the arrested did not comment, but proudly said that he is a thief. And even managed to serve his sentence for theft in especially large sizes. However, the details of their “deeds“ he did not elaborate, reports the publication.

We will remind, on may 13 in Donetsk region detained the murderer who tried to escape to the DNR. The suspect left the bus at Kurakhovo, and then walk from there planned to go to the occupied territory.