The world’s most advanced jet in the first fight

Israel Defense Forces

The AMERICAN F-35 stealth fighter saw its first combat action, flying in an operation the Israeli air force.

The air force chief showed an image of jets over Beirut, in Lebanon, and said that the aircraft had “already been attacked twice on two different fronts”.

Israel has recently carried out dozens of air strikes in Syria.

The F-35, from the most expensive in the world of the military program, has been criticized both to reduce costs and combat effectiveness.

Last year, Defense Secretary James Mattis had to defend the program after the President-elect, Donald Trump, sent out a tweet critical of its huge price, it is said, nearly $ 100 million (£74) per aircraft.

Maj Gen Amikam Norkin said leaders of 20 foreign air forces meeting in Israel: “We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East and have already attacked two times on two different fronts.” He has not clarified the objectives.

“You know that we have won the Eurovision with the song’ Toy.’ Well, the F-35 is not a toy,” he says.

In israel, the first country outside of the united states to acquire the single-seat fighter, has received nine of 50 F-35, he commanded, and can take up to 75.

In Israel, it is referred to by its Hebrew name “Adir” (Powerful). The jets are believed to be the conventional take-off and landing F-35A.

The BBC’s Tom Bateman in Jerusalem, said Israel claim to have used a strike, even before the Americans can be seen as another show of military force, as he believes the elite Iranian forces are trying to entrench themselves in Syria to threaten Israel.

Israel said that the recent air strikes inside Syria targeted Iranian military infrastructure, in response to rocket fire aimed at Israeli military positions in the occupied Golan Heights.

Iran has hundreds of people in Syria, who it said to serve as military advisors to the Syrian army. He also sent thousands of combatants volunteers in support of the Syrian government.

The united states has given Israel more military aid than any other country in the world-currently around $4 billion a year – and its laws on sales of weapons to demand that Israel still maintains military superiority in the Middle East.

Israel has welcomed the Lockheed Martin F-35 as a “game-changer”.

It may not even be its first use by Israel. His army is often silent on its operations, and there were reports that the stealth fighter has been used on the operational plan from the month of January of last year.

The united states has definitely put a lot of faith in a program that is designed to operate through 2070 and is expected to cost $1.5 tn.

However, it also has severely by the critics, and not only on the price.

An influential military blog in 2015, it was reported that the F-35 lacked maneuverability and was unable to beat a F-16 in a dogfight. It has also been reported to have cockpit visibility issues.

Analysts say that the emphasis on the stealth capabilities may compromise the air-to-air effectiveness.