In Santa Fe held a memorial service for the victims of the school shooting

The Deputy Governor of Texas stated that in the United States “impaired life” and called for the arming of teachers

Many parents, relatives and friends of the victims of the shooting at a school in Texas on Sunday took part in a Church service commemorating the ten people killed on Friday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott arrived at the service at First Baptist Church Arcadia in Santa Fe and expressed condolences to the bereaved parishioners.

In a shooting in a school in Santa Fe in Texas killed 10 people, mostly students. The incident occurred three months after the murder of 17 people in school in Parkland, Florida, prompted the students to make calls to tighten gun control.

In his Sunday speech, the Vice-Governor of Texas Dan Patrick linked the violence with a firearm with aggressive video games and social networks, stating that the US “impaired life”.

“It is through abortion, through family breakdown, through the films with scenes of violence, especially through aggressive video games,” said Patrick, speaking in the “this week” on channel ABC.

The Deputy Governor expressed support for arming the teachers mixed the solutions proposed by many supporters of the right to bear arms.

Fred Guttenberg, the father of one of the children killed in Parkland in February, called Patrick’s statements “idiotic” and has called for tighter laws on gun control.

After the shooting at the school in Santa Fe Texas authorities have charged 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagaltzis murder charges.

According to students, Pagaltzis, who himself studied in this school, opened fire shortly before 8 a.m. Friday.

Texas Governor Abbott said that the police found explosive devices, including incendiary bombs in the house and the car of the alleged shooter, and next to the school.

Abbott said that the suspect who was taken into custody and refused the right to remain silent, originally intended to commit suicide, but after his arrest, stated to law enforcement that he did not have the courage to do this.

The Governor said the shooter used two weapons:a shotgun and a revolver 38-go calibre. According to the Governor, they belonged to the father of the suspect, but it is not clear whether knew the father that his son took the weapon.

Among the dead was a teacher replacing a permanent teacher, and foreign student who studied in this school for exchange.

Santa Fe is located in Southeast Texas between Houston and Galveston.