In Kamchatka, the winner of the election broke the guard and hid it

Duma Deputy Vilyuchinsky urban Okrug Irina Solovyova (LDPR) has not notified the electoral Commission about the existence of a criminal record for assault, the court will consider the claim about cancellation of results of the September elections. On Monday, may 21, according to “Kam 24”.

The trial initiated one candidate Eugene Konevec. He was sure that the liberal Democrat had concealed important information from the election Commission.

According to information of the city court Viluchinsky, Solovyov in 2011 was found guilty under criminal article “a beating”: the future of the people’s darling hit the bus conductor.

“Concealment of data on criminal records is a serious violation. Russian law requires candidates to provide information about convictions. Moreover, this should be reflected in all election documents — the signature sheets and election ballots. We will closely monitor the progress of the trial,” — said the Chairman of the regional electoral Commission Inga Irinina.

Additional elections of the deputies of the Duma Viluchinsky urban district, took place on 10 September 2017. Irina Solovieva won with in the district 30 percent of the vote.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!