USA: elections in Venezuela are not legitimate

The opposition is boycotting the vote

In Venezuela in Sunday’s elections, which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is seeking re-election for a second six-year term. The opposition boycotted the vote, calling it a “coronation” of the dictator. The elections were criticized by a significant part of the international community.

A former bus driver, 55-year-old Maduro was expected to win, despite a deepening crisis that led to food shortages and rising inflation on the background of sharp reduction of oil production in the country, which is one of the world leaders in terms of production.

The main rival to Maduro is a former Governor Henry Falcon, but his chances of being elected seriously reduced due to participation in the elections of another opponent Maduro is a pastor-Evangelist Javier Bertucci.

Victory Maduro could lead to new sanctions from the US and new criticism from the EU and Latin America.