Meghan dress in detail


After months of speculation, Meghan Markle wedding dress was revealed.

The pure-white, U-boat-neck-dress was designed by British designer Clare Jet Keller, the artistic Director of French fashion house Givenchy.

Crowds of people saw the full dress – had kept a closely guarded secret, as it appeared Mrs Markle at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor castle for lunch.

The designer

The designer Clare Jet cellar, became the first female artistic director at Givenchy in the year 2017, and presented their debut collection for spring/summer earlier this year.

Ms Markle, who met Ms Jet cellar this year, chose to work closely with her on the design, because “timeless and elegant aesthetic, with impeccable tailoring and relaxed”, Kensington Palace said.

She formerly served as the creative head of three of the world’s most influential fashion-houses – Pringle of Scotland, ChloĆ©, and now Givenchy.

Sara McAlpine, fashion features editor at Elle magazine, Givenchy has a story, by talents from the British past with the designers of the brand, including John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.

Meanwhile, bride-to-be-couture-expert Emma Meek said, the choice of a woman, the first female creative head of the fashion house could statement a “policy” of the bride.

The Shell

The minimalist pure white dress has a boat neckline, framing the shoulders and the emphasis on Ms Markle waist, and three-quarter-length sleeves.

The haute-couture dress made of double-bonded silk cady bolstered by a rock in a triple silk organza.

The Veil

Ms Markle was wearing a five-Meter-long white silk veil covered her face, the included floral Details, on behalf of all 53 countries of the Commonwealth. The bride-to-be suggested the design, because the Commonwealth is a Central part of her and Prince Harry’s official work, after you are married.

The tiara

Ms Markle is the veil was held in place of the Queen Mary’s diamond headband tiara, lent to her by the Queen.

It is named after the wife of king George V, the Queen’s grandfather.

In the middle of the bandeau top with a removable brooch with 10 brilliant-cut diamonds, the Queen Mary as a wedding gift in 1893. The brooch later in the tiara in the year 1932.

The head piece also includes diamonds and platinum in 11 sections. Ms Markle also wore earrings and bracelet by Cartier.

What will the people say?

Sara McAlpine, of Elle magazine, said that the dress was “definitely in line with her [Ms Markle] style”, and added: “you’ve always had refined a very pared-back style in terms of very easy.”

She added that Ms Markle “signalling a change” with the choice of the fashion house Givenchy, the webs of the lack of diversity on the barrel. The “progressive” brand is a thought-out choice for the bride-to-be, Ms McAlpine.

Emma Meekly added that the design is Hepburn references to Givenchy, the history of the apparel Audrey and her classic and timeless style, add, it is very “presidential”.

What was with Prince Harry?


Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge wore a frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals. Prince Harry received permission from the Queen to marry in his uniform.

Both outfits were tailored at Dege & Skinner on Savile Row, and specialist in military uniforms.

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