Grisly new details, such as Neville Towner Lauren Hickson, 4 killed

IT is an interview with a man who is apparently not capable of much WAS an unemployed bum who still lives with his ageing mother.

Neville Towner, was beard 23 years old, on the dole, a skinny little guy with a wispy, sitting in the police station, dressed in a pair of tiny shorts and a T-shirt.

But the detectives Interviews with him, had every reason to believe that the little man had, in your Penrith police station interview room, the terrible secrets.

Homicide detectives Warwick, Laney, and Steve primary schools in Ticehurst, had been up half the night because the alarm was triggered in the afternoon, a little girl, Lauren Hickson, was missing.

The last confirmed sighting of the four-year-old was, if she plays for about 2.30 a.m. outside their parents Derek and Jurina Hickson ‘ s camper at the Nepean River Caravan Park Emu Plains in far-western Sydney.

By 5pm, 100 police, emergency services workers, the army and local volunteers on the market, the search for her had brought.

A shy Jurina Hickson told reporters that her daughter was a “wonderful little girl”, which had given three days earlier, your a beautiful mother’s day present.

Lauren Hickson at the Nepean River Caravan Park, from where she was murdered and Neville Towner has been kidnapped by neighbors.

Lauren Hickson parents Derek and Jurina in your caravan park, after her daughter’s murder.

Police and rescue services officers search the banks of the Nepean River in may 1989, for missing Lauren Hickson.

Officers in the Creek near where Lauren’s body was found, and her clothes hung on a tree.

Sometime after that, a woman from the caravan park told police that she had seen Lauren with a man shortly after 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

The man was Neville Towner, seen live was in the park, and the witness, as he Hand-in-Hand with Lauren and the girls.

But as a Detective-Sergeant of Warwick, Laney interviewed Towner about the sighting on the same evening, he flatly refused.

The police resumed the search again in the morning and about 10 o’clock in the morning, a female soldier found Lauren Hickson ‘ s almost naked body floating in a rain-swollen Creek, the Nepean River.

Scientific squad the toddler found officers a pink sweater and blue jeans hanging in a tree on the banks of the river, 30m from your body.

After the discovery, Jurina Hickson had to be sedated and was taken to Nepean Hospital.

Detective Laney and his partner, homicide detective Steve primary schools in Ticehurst, were not investigated, a missing child, but a murder.

Police believed that Lauren had died from a single head, the wound inflicted by a blunt object, maybe a stone.

Video of convicted child grabs molester murderer Neville Raymond Towner, after his conviction in a child murder.

The detectives said to Lauren what Towner was ‘unspeakable’. Picture: A Current Affair.

Neville Towner was back in for questioning It’s been four hours since the discovery of Lauren’s body, and almost a day since the last sighting confirmed.

It’s 2 o’clock was in the afternoon on Thursday, may 18, 1989.

The chilling interview, in the Towner, almost casually answered the questions put to him this afternoon was this week.

What he did say, he would later lie about this after receiving advice from a lawyer.

But 29 years later, the former homicide detectives, investigating the murder say about Towner, “what he did to you … did what he was unspeakable”.

“He showed no mercy with her. He showed no emotions, He just told Lauren tortured,” a former homicide detective Snr Con Steve primary schools in Ticehurst, A Current affair.

“The innocent child, to see the gaping wound on her forehead, to her lying there and took off his clothes and thrown.

“You … trusted him, the little girl of the family, because he was a friend.

“You put your trust in him … it was horrible. This guy is an absolute scumbag.”

Laney, who had said a four-year-old daughter of his own at the time: “I do not think that there is nothing worse. I don’t think you ever forget; it is with them everyday.

“I think I’m going to live for the rest of my life.”

The original police transcript of Neville Towner confession for the murder of Lauren Hickson.

Former homicide detectives Laney and primary schools in Ticehurst back to the scene, where Towner dumped Lauren Hickson ‘ s body. Picture: A Current Affair

While Laney interviewed Towner, primary schools entered in Ticehurst.

Soon emerged in the long recording of the interview that Towner had known Lauren for most of her short life.

He lived at the caravan park for three years with his mother, but still visited her once or twice a week.

Mrs Towner regularly babysat Lauren, the daughter of Mrs. Towner’s friends.

Derek and Jurina Hickson had the sleepless in New York’ neighbours at the caravan park, before the mother and son moved to near Kareela Ave, Kingswood.

It was in this house, the woman Towner babysat Lauren.

Towner, said he had gone through the caravan park on Wednesday afternoon, to Lauren the return of a Bicycle s ‘ father, Derek, he knew, because “mom and Derek are friends.”

While returning from the bike, he spoke with Jurina, though, he told the detectives,” I couldn’t tell ya” what they had spoken.

“As I play to be seen on foot, I Loren (sic), by yourself … in the equipment block on the corner.

“And I went to her, and give me a hug, then we went for a walk on the bank.”

Towner claims Lauren, “follow me, mate, do you always”, because “you just know me to come to us.”

Detective Laney: I said that, if you went with Loren in the direction of the river bank, they hold your hand. Is that right?

Derek and Jurina Hickson with a victims’ advocate Howard Brown outside of a parole hearing for Towner. Picture: John Grainger

Lauren Hickson in front of her abduction and murder of Towner in the vicinity of the Nepean River Caravan Park.

Neville Towner under arrest by the police in the year 1989. Picture: 9 News

Neville Towner: no, you walked beside me, but she was not hold my hand.Laney: Can you tell me what was Loren, as you met her yesterday?

Towner: Just a little pair of pink rubber shoes, and a pair of red pants, I think.

Laney: What happened after you went down the river bank with Loren?Towner: she would not stop screaming, so that I her head under the water.Laney: Why should you cry?

Towner: not to go back, you just don’t like, it was said that heaps of times, to shout, you just started.

Laney: Did you do anything to guide the mine cart that you have to shout?Towner: No.

( away, Laney has the next twelve questions and Towner response due to its embarrassing nature.)

Towner has described how he was running with Lauren in “just a little creek … the back of the caravan park”.

Laney: you tell me, what happens next?

Towner: I put their head under the water.

Laney: How long did you keep it under water?Towner: A few minutes … the silence, I brought pushed her head into the water. And when she came back, she looked away from me as you would have already and I met her in the head with a stone.

Laney: Did You Bleed?Towner: I didn’t want to stay around.

Jurina Hickson with Steve primary schools in Ticehurst in the year 2002, when the NSW Supreme Court determined that a life term for Towner. Picture: Stephen Cooper

Former homicide detective Steve primary schools in Ticehurst is still strongly influenced by the 1989 murder of four-year-old Lauren Hickson.

Laney: do you Have it in Bach?Towner: Yes.

Laney: would you care for a Cup of coffee or a drink?Towner: no, I’m going to be right, I just want to.just to get out of the way

Laney: Are you married? You have a girlfriend.

Towner said “no” to both questions.

Laney: What was your intention when you took carts to the river bank?

Towner: I and Loren used it to go down, before you and your sister Tracey and dirt around.

Laney: How old is Tracey?Towner: Fourteen.

Laney: do you Have any type of medication yesterday?Towner: you are called to Crufin, you are a pain killer. I took two.

Laney: do you Have something else from yesterday?

Towner: I drank a shot of Tequila.

Laney: How much did you drink?Towner: Almost the whole bottle.

Police charged Towner with evil intention to murder Lauren and assault with intent to sexually assault a child under the age of 10.

Two days later, Towner tried to take his own life in prison.

Shortly after his arrival in Penrith Court, under the angry crowd that was gathered outside, a man with a doll of a hangman dangling noose.

Jurina Hickson with her “wonderful little girl’ Lauren before the tragic murder.

Jurina and Derek Hickson court, while Neville Towner is trying, for her daughter’s murder.

In 2002, Towner had his life sentence redetermined with a minimum parole period.

Now at the age of 52, – Towner, the criminal suspension has applied for parole several times.

Victims of crime advocate Howard Brown has represented Lauren Hickson is dismayed family to keep in their contributions Towner behind bars.

Towner, transition change programmes in prison, but release in a day accompanied.

In a petition against his release, Jurina Hickson said, “I’m not going to forgive him, while I still have breath in my body.

“The murder was so horrible. He sexually assaulted and tortured her.

“I just can’t understand why a prisoner of his caliber will be a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

Neville Towner next bid for freedom before the New South Wales State Parole authority, on the 5. June.