13 reasons Why the return of ‘unnecessary’


The second season of 13 reasons Why Friday came, but the critics found many reasons not to watch.

The first series of the Netflix drama told the story of Hannah Baker, a teenage life, to explain, leaving behind a box of cartridges, why.

It was praised by some for raising awareness of issues such as rape, bullying and self-harm, but there were also concerns that it glamorised suicide and went into too much detail, how Hannah killed herself.

In the second row, a civil action filed in Hannah to protect against the school for failure.

“There is a lot to tow, about the same things over and over again,” said The guardian. “But this time without the frame, the bands and the reasons for it.

“It’s like locked in a room with a bunch of self-obsessed teenager, and to say sometimes things like “the truth can set you free if you let it’.

“As a drama, it’s pointless, awkward, baggy, poorly written, cumbersome, and boring.”


Before the season premiere, Netflix has been criticized for the introduction it is at the time, many of the young spectators would be studying for exams.

Helen Rayner, from the Royal College of psychiatrists, told The Guardian: “It is well known in children’s services, there is a rise in completed suicides and suicide attempts at the exam of the season. This could lead to a rise in the suicide rate.”

A warning has been added, in which the cast say that viewers of the show “can’t be right” for those who abuse struggle with issues such as sexual assault, suicide, or drugs.

In his one-star review, USA Today said: “We don’t need 13 more reasons.

“The second season of Netflix, the 13 reasons Why a cheesy, unnecessary movement is a blatant grab for the headlines of the teenage-suicide-drama received in the last year.

“The new season is trying to make a point about rape culture, slut shaming and sexual harassment, but his presentation of these complex issues is a hammer, all the subtleties of the proposal.

“If it’s meant to start a conversation, such as the makers of the fact that the first season, it was certainly go to a very nuanced.”

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