The captain Britain anyone? That could follow The Avengers?

Marvel Comics

We all know that “The Avengers” by now – Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest. They are like old friends after ten years and almost 20 films.

But now Disney is looking for a new group of superheroes to follow in his cinematic footsteps after 2019.

That is when Avengers 4 is due, and many of the stars’ contracts expire.

It is working to bring “a new franchise” from Marvel comics to the film, according to the CEO of Disney Bob Iger.

The company has already had major film success with the Guardians of the Galaxy, a relatively obscure name before that Chris Pratt and co hit screens in 2014.

Marvel has been publishing stories about superheroes for almost 60 years, so there is no shortage of names ready to take on the challenge.

Here are some of the possible candidates.Thunderbolts: Marvel Could succeed where DC failed?

Marvel Comics

Thunderbolts are a team of villains in Marvel that have, to varying degrees of success, tried to reform their ways and lead more heroic lives.

And yes, the concept has much in common with the DC, in 2015 to film Suicide Squad.

“It would be something new for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), anti-heroes trying to do good, essentially, or are forced to do good,” says 24-year-old student of the University of Salford and Marvel superfan Sebastian Padget.

Thunderbolts has included characters like hawkeye, Green Goblin, Venom, Luke Cage and Elektra – all of which have already appeared in the current Marvel movies or TV shows.

“It is similar to that of the Avengers, but it’s not going to be about how the hero who saves the day, all the time and be a little more forceful,” adds Sebastian.

“It is one of the most militarized, most courageous team for the MCU.”Fanstastic Four: Fourth time lucky?

Fox Movies have been made three films of the Fantastic Four, but if an agreement with Disney, which could become a part of the MCU.

Daniel Preston of Marvel podcast, A Wonderful Lunch, firmly believes that it will be Marvel’s replacement for The Avengers.

“A lot of Fantastic Four stories have to do with the Infinity Stones and a lot to do with Thanos (the two key elements in the MCU), so there is a lot to make movies,” he says.

He wants to see the Fantastic Four children, Franklin and Valeria Richards to appear, and planet-eating giant Galactus become Marvel’s new big bad.

“He is much bigger than that of Thanos and more threatening.

“The fantastic Four, Galactus, extra-terrestrial threats – the stain on the Marvel universe.”

And Tom Hindle, web site of the film Reel in Line, you think that Marvel is going to be able to write a movie that fans will finally appreciate.

“Marvel movies are so good to go for a genuine laugh-out-loud humor, a very somber, serious moments and not be lost in the way,” 24-year-old tells Newsbeat.

“The writers and producers of Marvel just understand these characters perfectly. Marvel had the rights to Spider-Man and now Tom Holland is the best we’ve ever had. “Alpha Flight: The cosmic radiation of the Canadian

As the Fantastic Four, X-Men, coming home to Marvel and Disney depends on a great fusion. But Chris Jones believes that they are the perfect replacement for The Avengers.

“Social problems and dilemmas that really echo the problems of today,” says Chris.

“Mutants are weird in the X-Men universe, and that leads to many racial and LGBT issues, which makes them more identifiable as characters.”

He wants to see the comic book history, the House Of M where everyone in the world becomes a mutant become Marvel’s next big film thread.

“The house Of M is also about Scarlet Witch (The Avengers) and his breakdown, realizing that she can shape the reality,” adds Chris.

“At the time that the MCU seems to be building her up to be a major player.

“She has suffered so many losses in the film and that is parallel to what happens in the House Of M.”

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