NASA plans to send helicopter to Mars

Flight could take place in 2020

The American space Agency NASA is planning for the first time in history to send to Mars a small helicopter to study the red planet’s surface. The flight could take place in 2020.

The Agency said that the helicopter solar powered weighing slightly more than a kilogram will be launched with land Rover. To operate the machine the operators will be from the Ground. There are plans to conduct in the Martian atmosphere a few short test flights, and then sending out a helicopter in a previously unexplored areas of the planet.

“The idea that we can send a helicopter in the sky on another planet is fascinating,” said the head of NASA Jim Bridenstine.

In order to stay in the air in the atmosphere of Mars, the helicopter blades need to develop a thrust of 10 times greater than on Earth.

According to the plans, missile launch with the helicopter on Board is to be held in July 2020. The ship will reach Mars in February 2021.