The Senate is preparing to vote on the abolition of “net neutrality”

Democrats hope to reverse the decision of the Federal communications Commission

WASHINGTON – Democrats in the U.S. Senate made a last attempt, trying to keep the so-called “network neutrality”. This rule allows providers to reduce the speed of the network connections delaying the download of a specific content for some users.

Wednesday’s Senate vote, which may be approved or canceled the decision of the Federal communications Commission in December last year. According to this decision, subject to revision rules, introduced by the Obama administration, and prohibiting Internet service providers in the provision of services to allocate certain materials or individual users. At the time of the adoption of this standard was made by all 49 Democrats and one representative of the Republican party in the upper house.

“Net neutrality only ensures the accessibility of the Internet for competing (between companies) across the country, said independent Senator Angus king, usually voting in solidarity with the Democrats. – I believe that this resolution will restore a situation in which small businesses can compete, thrive and make a profit”.

Republicans, in turn, also state that they support the principles of network neutrality.

“The Democrats have decided that they may usurp the situation and make it political, – said Republican Senator John Thune. – Instead of having to interact with Republicans to craft legislation on net neutrality, they decided to try to score political points by proposing a resolution that does not solve the problem.”