Ryanair size the size of the check-in window


Ryanair is cutting its check-in time window of four days to 48 hours for the passengers without reserved seats.

He said that the changes to the online check-in, with effect from 13 June.

Ryanair said that even after the change, the check-in window was still double that of many of its rivals.

The airline said that the move will give customers who have paid for the reserved seats of more time to take their places. Customers can check-in up to 60 days prior to the flight.

The allocation of the place has become a hot topic for airline passengers who have suspicions that the airlines deliberately split the family groups in order to try to get them to pay for the seats together.

This is currently being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Ryanair is the subject of heavy criticism for its customer service in the past. The airline is the fifth year of the “Always Getting Better” customer service improvement program.

The carrier is the last major change for the flyers, was to introduce a £5 fee for priority boarding, without which they risked having their main cabin bag to be put in waiting at the gate.

That move was delayed after the airline had to cancel hundreds of flights arising from a rota of change and a shortage of pilots.

Ryanair has been hit by a series of industrial actions in Europe, in a sign of protest pay, conditions and union recognition, in addition, added to the discomfort.

The intervention is most threatened by the European union, this summer, to less that Ryanair adopts national employment laws for all workers.