Of deputies Krymchak sent to court

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office confirmed the indictment against a Deputy of the Kyiv city Council Sergey Krymchak (faction Yednist) under four articles of the Criminal code and submitted it for consideration in Shevchenkovsky district court of capital.

This was reported by the press service of SAP.

Krymchak is accused of forgery (part 3, 4 of article 358 of the criminal code), misappropriation of another’s property (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code), money laundering (part 2 of article 209 of the criminal code) and a false Declaration (article 366-1 of the criminal code).

According to investigators, Krymchak, which at one time was the Secretary of city Council Committee on land issues, on the basis of forged documents possession of the land in the Shevchenko district of Kiev, where he later began construction of an apartment building.

“In order to disguise the illegal origin of zemuchastok MP organized making rights in the company’s authorized capital, which was formally transferred to the developer, but in fact remained under the control of the suspect,“ said PROKURATURA.

During pre-trial investigation zemuchastok was arrested, and construction work stopped.

Also in the Declaration of the Krymchaks for 2016 found false information about obtaining a loan from a relative for $ 4.1 million.

In addition to the MP case is another partner.

As reported, the Deputy was arrested on 14 September by detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau. 19 September 2017 Krymchak out of Lukyanovka jail, after posting bail of 1.4 million.